1 million Google Accounts Hacked By New Gooligan Android Virus

By | December 13, 2016

Check Point researchers have discovered a new kind of Android Virus known as Gooligan.As per Checkpoint more than 1 million Google Accounts have been hacked by Gooligan Android Virus.Hackers are targeting android devices running on android 4 (Kitkat) and android 5 (Lollipop) which constitutes 74% of all the Android devices.

Gooligan Android virus roots the device and steals email addresses and authentic data to get access from Gmail, Google Photos, Google Drive, Google Docs and G suite. Gooligan malware comes from third-party apps which user downloads on the device and becomes vulnerable to malware. As soon as user installs Gooligan infected apps it downloads rootkit from the C & C server and takes control of victim’s device.

Gooligan not only steals data but also fraudulently installs apps from Google Play Store and write reviews on owner’s behalf. It helps them in generating a good amount of revenue. Everyday Gooligan malware infects 13,000 android devices as per the researchers. Nearly 57% affected mobile are from Asia, 19% from America and 9% are from Europe.

How to check if your Account has been hacked?

You can check it by visiting this checkpoint link https://gooligan.checkpoint.com/.

If your account has been breached then following steps need to be taken as per Check Point-

  1. A clean installation of an operating system on your mobile device is required (a process called “flashing”). As this is a complex process, we recommend powering off your device and approaching a certified technician, or your mobile service provider, to request that your device be “re-flashed.”
  2. Change your Google account passwords immediately after this process.

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