How to control your computer using mobile

By | December 12, 2016

In this tutorial, we will learn to control computer using mobile (android/ios). It will help you to easily access your computer from anywhere around the world using mobile. You can access your files, watch movies stored on your computer and even you can also play games on it. This is made possible by Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop App. Here is a step by step guide for controlling computer using your mobile.

How to Control Computer using Chrome Remote Desktop App –

You must have Google Chrome installed on your computer for using this app. So install it if it’s not on your computer.

Once chrome is installed, you need to install chrome remote desktop using this link.Now, press ‘ADD TO CHROME’ button and then a popup will appear on the screen asking to add the app.

Controlling Computer using mobile app

Once you have installed the app you need to check it in an apps store. Open a new tab and click on ‘Apps’ in the left corner of your screen or another way you can simply type chrome://apps in the address bar and press enter.

Now you will see Remote Desktop app installed on your computer. Click on it and the new window will appear. While going through this process it will also get linked with your Gmail email account. You have to use this email id while connecting to other devices.

You will see two options. One is Remote Assistance and other is My Computers. Click on Get Started under ‘My Computers ‘ and there you will find an option ‘Enable remote connections’. Click on it and it will ask you to install Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer program onto your computer.

Control computer using mobile

After you have installed the same you need to set a six digit pin. It will help you while connecting with the other devices.

Control computer using mobile


Now install the app on your smartphone and get connected with the same email id you have used for Remote Desktop on Computer. Enter the same six digit pin you have set it before. That’s it, now you can access your computer from any corner of the world.




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